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IT Outsourcing

Well-Suited Teams & Experts

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

Focusing on strong communication, collaboration and cost-efficiency

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Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Providing compatible developers in a short time for different programming needs

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UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

Meeting user and business objectives with user-centric product design

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Dedicated Team

A Whole Team for your Project

At Bugloos we believe that every great software outsourcing needs an expert team

UX/UI Designer UX/UI Designer
Product Owner Product Owner
Team Lead Team Lead
Developer Developer
Dedicated Team

Our dedicated team brings together experience and flexibility. This lets us to understand your unique needs and complete projects efficiently

What’s more in Dedicated  Team?

  • Adaptability within your structure
  • On-time reports
  • Monitoring

IT Staff Augmentation

Expertise to Speed up Project Success

Bugloos’ staff augmentation service is like a kind helping hand when needed. We know you sometimes only need a specialist. Like a reliable friend who always helps

  • High-Performance, Tailored to You
    High-Performance, Tailored to You
  • Selective Expertise Match
    Selective Expertise Match
  • Teamwork Problem-Solver
    Teamwork Problem-Solver
  • One-Week Start
    One-Week Start
  • Flexibility
IT Staff Augmentation

UI/UX Design

Designers Ready, Programmers on Standby!

Bugloos provides design services to companies looking for dedicated design team

Working closely together to make sure the final project achieves your goals in:

Design System Design System
Target Audience Target Audience
Development Process Development Process
Project Objectives Project Objectives
UI/UX Design

Why we Design Different?

We know deadlines matter. Our design team is dedicated to hitting those deadlines, keeping your project on track. Bugloos experienced designers are the innovative storytellers who use:

  • Inspirations from trend designs, seamless and user-friendly
  • Visuals to narrate your brand’s story
Ready to Design your Success Story?
Design with Us! Design with Us!