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SnowSportCenter Utrecht and the helpful journey to optimised operation and efficient management

Business Challenges

Business Challenges

Slopes are full, Skiers are ready and Action! Every great adventure starts with a plan, and for us, that means taking a deep dive into a business. It’s like trying to navigate a snowy whiteout. You have to consider everything! Of course, even the best plans can hit operation hurdles. Snow Sport Center Utrecht faced with:

  • Management that was hard to understand and made mistakes
  • Confusion over managing was hard to track and made errors
  • Inefficiencies and not having a full picture on resources
  • Difficulty controling the whole operation
  • Disorganised data in different parts

These experiences showed off-the-shelf plans wouldn’t work for SnowSportCenter Utrecht’s unique needs.

So, What Was Our Beacon of Hope?


Business Solution

Business Solution

An Integrated Planning Platform

Improving Business Success by Developing SkiPlanner

SkiPlanner was a custom solution that designed to bring:

  • Seamless operation
  • Efficiency
  • Unity 
How did SkiPlanner Increase Snow Sport Center Utrecht’s Success?

How did SkiPlanner Increase Snow Sport Center Utrecht’s Success?

A maximum efficiency level provides Snow Sport Center Utrecht:

  • Unified Data Integration | Unifies and simplifies the process for everyone with custom planning
  • Streamlined Booking Platform | Provides user behavior insights for smarter decision-making
  • Operational Excellence | Improves operations and provides detailed use of resources
To Make Planning Even Better….

To Make Planning Even Better….

The Life-Time Balance!

Ski planner as a custom made solution has progressed with top features:

  • User-Level- Progression: 

The unique User-Level Progression feature of Ski Planner made it possible to correctly track and estimate each user’s skill level

  • Different Schools’ Management:

A big part of this success story was being able to run different schools,even ones that didn’t seem to be relate to each other

What Skiplanner thinks about us?

Daniel Schinkel

Daniel Schinkel

CEO of Snow Sports Center Utrecht

“”Our communication goes well, and our weekly meetings work for me. Bugloos for me is the right partner to develop Ski Planner and to keep on progressing in functionality in the future. I think Bugloos is a professional company and you are always trying to improve your efficiency to your customer/partners.””