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A Smart Solution for ecofriendly and Safer Workplaces. Bugloss and Plymovent collaborate to develop smart solutions for industrial settings

Business Challenges

Business Challenges

Old filter system monitoring and repair methods may make it difficult to follow a treasure map with smudged writing. A sign may appear, but it’s usually hard to tell the complete story. Businessmen are lost in a fog! Normal maintenance by hand is time-consuming! Imagine having a helpful assistant who checks your filters and alerts you to issues like:

  • Filter performance
  • Potential issues
  • Major problems

After all the most skilled chess grandmasters have their trusted advisors!
This is Where Control Pro Connect Comes in Handy…

Business Solution

Business Solution

Improving Business Success by Developing Control Pro Connect

One-stop solution for keeping filter systems running smoothly and efficiently. A web portal with the power of IoT for:

  • Providing real-time Information tracking
  • Fixing issues before they happen

Know Your Filters Like the Back of Your Hand

Clear picture filter performance. Control Pro Connect monitoring filter use in real time helps detect issues that may stop operations. Control Pro Connect protects filters.

Avoid Unexpected Issue Caused by Failing Filters

Save money on filter failures and downtime. Smart alerts from Control Pro Connect let you schedule pauses for filter cleaning without missing work.

To Make Planning Even Better….

To Make Planning Even Better….

Bird’s Eye View of Filter Systems!

The Factory-Map is easy for non-technical users. Check filter pressure, energy savings, and alerts. You have:

  • Streamlined workflow:
  • Reduced time and effort:
  • Improved efficiency and productivity:

Decision based on data: Smart maintenance strategies

The Factory-Map guides Plymovent’s repair decisions. Analyzing filter patterns. It can optimize filter use, life, and maintenance.

Cost cutting and Sustainability

Filters work better and cost less with preventive maintenance. Save money, help nature.