Nowadays there are many online web applications available. Whether it is to manage your inventory, run projects or provide support to customers: the online application exists and makes your work a lot easier.

But what if your business process does not match the available software solutions? Or if you have a new online idea that needs to be developed from scratch? That is where we come in!

At Bugloos, we are driven every day to create the best custom web applications. Why? We like to make our customers’ lives a lot easier and their work more fun. Each software solution automates our customers’ business processes. In short, we develop online software that makes you smile!

Why a customized web application?

For companies with ambition

More and more systems are running online because online software offers many advantages. It’s always available from anywhere and can easily be integrated with other online systems. Good, but why would you want to have a custom web application developed yourself?

  • You plan to grow as a company and attract new customers, but your current software solutions limit this growth.
  • You want to launch a new platform or idea, but it does not yet exist.
  • Current applications are not working well or are not user-friendly (for your customers).
  • You want to improve your business process, prevent errors and limit repetitive work by automation.
  • You want your employees to save time for more important work.

These are a few examples, but with one common denominator: a good web application makes the difference.

Making a good start

Development with a clear goal

You’re not letting a custom web application being developed just like that. It requires a substantial investment and it’s unclear in advance what the possibilities and returns are. That’s why we work with a project discovery programme at Bugloos, so we can create a clear roadmap well in advance. This makes it a lot easier to make a decisision.

The benefits of project discovery

  • Better software infrastructure because of the clear development roadmap resulting in a stable and maintainable application. 
  • More control over the development costs and also insight in the business case (revenue) of your web application.
  • Achieve faster results with a clear roadmap and mutual expectations.
  • Having a scalable application for the future due to the clear roadmap and development blueprints.
  • We get to know each other, and the project feasibility before we make larger mutual commitments and without being tied to an expensive and lengthy development process.

Review your idea?

We can schedule a meeting without any obligation to get to know each other and review your idea.

How do we develop web applications?

Small steps that lead to big results

At Bugloos we’re using the scrum method. This means that a dedicated team works on your project and delivers a working piece of software at the end of each sprint (1 or 2 weeks). The focus is on the most valuable parts and the weekly demos keep you informed on the progress of your project. 

Insights through weekly demos

We think it is important to have a lot of interaction with you as customer while building the web application. Through our weekly demo you are kept up-to-date with the progress of the development. During these demos there is room for your feedback, so we can implement this directly during the development phase. After the demo the latest version is available on our test environment, so you can take a look yourself.  

Dedicated product owner

At Bugloos, every project has its own product owner (project manager). This way you always have contact with the same person who is dedicated to your project. The product owner will contact you regularly to make sure the progress of the project goes smoothly and the right choices are made.

Which technology do we use in our web applications?

We develop our web applications with the Symfony framework. Symfony has a fast and thorough structure with many available components. This makes sure development goes rapidly, projects are more scalable and the application can be tested well. Due to the API structure, external systems such as CRM or ERP systems can be properly linked.

Hosting & Support

When the web application has been created it should run smooth and stable. We will configure and manage servers that are suitible for the estimated traffic and usage. In addition, we monitor the server to make sure it remains secure. We also offer various options for maintaining or expanding the application, depending on the project.