In a world filled with online applications for inventory management, project handling, and customer support, what if your business needs don’t fit these solutions? Or perhaps you have a unique online idea that requires a custom-built application. That’s where Bugloos excels!

At Bugloos, we specialize in creating Ecommerce solution. Our goal? To simplify your work and bring a smile to your face by automating your business processes.

Customised Online Stores

For companies with ambition

Presenting you the tailored-prime solutions with high-end technologies has been our long-term goal from the beginning.Here is what we do for you:

  • Product Catalogue Management
  • Responsive Design
  • On-going Support

We believe online stores are beyond general solutions since every business is one of a kind. Bugloos expertise are by your side to listen and consider what your business needs to grow.

Making a good start

Development with a clear goal

You’re not letting a custom web application being developed just like that. It requires a substantial investment and it’s unclear in advance what the possibilities and returns are. That’s why we work with a project discovery programme at Bugloos, so we can create a clear roadmap well in advance. This makes it a lot easier to make a decisision.

Ecommerece the Vital Component

Providing companies to expand their reach, increase sales, and provide a seamless shopping experience to customers. Marketplace.

  • Optimized user experience
  • Scalability and growth
  • Efficient online transactions

We are Here to Consult

Helping you to grow better in your business. Our tailored e-commerce solutions are match with your needs.

How do we Develop Ecommerce Application?

Bugloos, Achieving Big Results with Scrum

We employ the Scrum method, where a dedicated team delivers functional software every sprint (1-2 weeks). We prioritize the most valuable features and provide weekly progress demos.

Product Catalogue Management

With our tailored and user-friendly catalog management system, keeping track of your product inventory is a snap. It is simple to add, modify, and arrange goods, pricing, descriptions, and photos. All in an integrated form!

Responsive Design

Seamless experience is the key factor. Ensuring that your e-commerce platform provides a seamless and engaging shopping experience for your clients. Regardless of the device they are using.

On-going Support

Our dedication to your success goes beyond setting up your e-commerce platform initially. We are aware that running a successful online store calls for constant care and assistance.

Hosting & Support

Hosting and servers are fundamental components of e-commerce infrastructure, providing the necessary resources, performance, security, and reliability for online stores to function effectively and serve their customers.